3.0 Marketing (food)

The difficulty of including fresh produce in food charity campaigns

Traditionally, supermarkets (and schools, work centres, etc.) undertake regular campaigns to collect food for people lacking in resources. But in this type of campaign, fruits and vegetables are usually excluded from the most-wanted products – due of course to their fast expiry dates and difficulties for distribution.

But we all know that these fresh products are essential for a balanced diet, and it’s a sad story that families and needy children have to forego these products when it comes to food charity.

A new vitamin for fruits and vegetables: Vitamin S = Solidarity.

“Vitamin S” is a 3.0 marketing project from AGR Food Marketing that facilitates solidarity with people in local surroundings and neighbourhoods by using fruit and vegetables shops as distribution centres for this kind of charity.

Donors. When clients buy their fruits and vegetables at a local shop, they can leave a product (or as many as they want) in a basket labelled “Vitamin S”, to be used for charity. To inform fruit shop clients of this action, we send posters, leaflets, displays and a basket for charity fruits and vegetables.

Recipients. Among fruit shop customers, there are always certain families that see these essential products almost as luxuries. This initiative uses the idea that support comes locally, and fruits shops are the ones that choose families or people in need, who can come and collect their fruit and vegetables regularly.

Fruit shops. At AGR Food Marketing we have been working with a network of practically 10,000 fruit shops all over Spain for the last decade, and they have all been invited to take part in this project. We initially started up the project in Valencia and Madrid, using a website from which any fruit shop could download or order the materials for participation.