3.0 Marketing (fruit)

How can we get kids to eat more fruit and vegetables?

Over 5 years ago, one of our clients – Anecoop, the largest fruit and vegetable dealer in Europe – asked us for an advertising campaign for Spain. At AGR Food Marketing we had been thinking about healthy foods combined with responsibility for quite some time, both for similar companies and our own. So in the end we didn’t even suggest an advertising campaign for fruit and vegetables, but rather proposed an idea that would help mothers with what they really value the most – getting their kids to enjoy all the healthiness of fruits and vegetables.

This is how our Bouquet Method was born – an online platform based on gamification and crowdsourcing – to promote healthy eating habits within the family. The best thing about the project, apart from its success, was that families who tried the method significantly improved their eating habits. So the client was encouraged to replicate this success in France and it worked well there too.

Olympic Meals, our proposal against childhood obesity

The potential of this project on the world level was evident from the beginning. So with the help of various experts in gamification and child nutrition, we converted it into the very first Olympic Games for Healthy Eating Against Childhood Obesity.

In June and July 2016, a month before the start of the Olympics in Rio, families from 10 of the countries with the biggest child obesity problems – United States, Mexico, Brazil, United Kingdom, Spain, and Australia, among others – will be participating in the Games, which will be rebroadcast on TV and digital platforms.

Our international teams are already working on the development of the project, which has received the support of the Brazilian government and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). At publishing time, the President of Brazil has included the fight against child obesity, via this action and others, among her priorities for 2016, which is sure to fuel the project even more.