Viral video

What do an opera and a fruit shop have in common?

At first glance, not much. But when the Opera House of Valencia asked us for an advertising campaign, not really to sell more tickets, but to improve the perception Valencians had of the opera as kind of performance only for the elite, we put our thinking caps on again. Let’s say we brought them over to our way of thinking and proposed an action that not only brought the opera down to street level, but also served as a showcase for one of the finest markets in the world – Valencia’s Modernist-style Central Market. And we combined opera and fruits and vegetables as the natural produce of our Valencian market gardens.

Opera at the Market: Over 5 million views on YouTube

The action involved a flashmob in which opera singers camouflaged as fruit and vegetable sellers and butchers suddenly started singing the Traviatta, and this became one of the best viral videos on Internet. When it was launched it was the most-viewed viral video in Spain, apart from achieving impact on news programmes, in the press, on blogs and social networks.